Wireless Camera Mic System

JTS KA-10R Wireless Camera System


KA-10 System

The KA-10 system includes KA-10R, KA-10T, KAC50/150 cable, TG-10CH2, shoe mount adapter, and CM-201 microphone. It is designed for both professional and consumer video camera. The CM-201 provides omni directional pick up pattern to expand the coverage to mike a meeting.

Now available in Channel 70 and 38

  • Lithium battery can goes for 14 hours which is useful for travel.
  • UHF PLL 16 selectable frequency can render multi system application.
  • Over 60 meter operation distance virtually meets all kinds of application.

Transmitter, receiver with shoe mount adaptor fitted in recharger.

Frequency Preparation PLL Synthesized Control Carrier Frequency Range 502~960 MHz
LED Display Channel Controls 40~18,000 Hz Volume control
Audio Frequency Response 40~18,000 Hz
Output connector 1/8” Dummy stereo Phone Jack Battery life 14 hours typical
Battery Lithium cell (3.7V, 1300mAh)
Dimension(mm) 54mm(W)* 17mm(D)* 99mm(H)

Handheld Microphone Also Available

KA-8TH UHF PLL Hnadheld Transmitter

Handheld Microphone for KA-10 System
Frequency Preparation                   PLL Synthesized Control
Channel number                                       16
Carrier Frequency Range           502~960 MHz
RF Outputs                                                         10mW  
Stability                                                                     ±10kHz
Frequency Deviation                         ±48kHz
LCD Display                                                     Channel
Controls                                                                   Power On/Off, Channel Up/Down, Mute
Spurious Emissions                           <-50 dBC
Audio Frequency Response 40~16,500 Hz
Battery                                                                       UM3, AA 1.5V*2